Financial Planning
"If you don't know where you're going...
any road will take you there."

Why Financial Planning?
We take financial planning seriously. Financial planning is the process which enables you to identify and
reach your money-based goals by making wise decisions about how you make money, how you choose to
invest it, and how you spend it along with help on planning for the unexpected.  Financial planning is a
method of problem solving that educates and encourages informed decision making regarding your financial

Your vision of where you want to be in the future is where you begin to build a solid financial plan.  Knowing
where you are going financially and choosing your course of action will make a tremendous difference in
how you plan for your future. Think of your financial plan as a financial road map.

Once you have a plan in place, you only need routine maintenance and periodic reviews to ensure you stay
on track.

Why use a professional
Certified Financial Planner?  Most capable persons can handle their job, family
and social demands.   However, most persons are not trained for long term, in-depth financial planning
decisions, and are not confident in their abilities to make well informed decisions about their financial life. A
professionally prepared financial plan represents the blueprint to your financial future.

How Is Our Approach Different?
We believe that clients seek an advisor who understands the technical depth and the personal planning
considerations and who will present a well developed, cohesive plan as well as demonstrate a willingness to
refer additional expertise when appropriate.

Goodrich  Financial Group will offer professional advise on what should be covered and scope of work
appropriate, but the client decides how they are  willing to proceed.  

Clients of Goodrich Financial Group will work with one on one with a professional
Certified Financial
Planner™ throughout the planning process and only the professional  Certified Financial Planner™ will
perform the financial analysis.  

Our final goal is to ensure the financial planning process is carried out  in a completely personal, private and
confidential manner between the client and our professional
Certified Financial Planner™.

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